Brian Loucks and Vern Glassley opened Loucks & Glassley in 1976. The firm grew rapidly, necessitating their move to the Great Northern Express Building in 1984. John Gilbert joined Loucks and Glassley as a partner in 1981, and once Glassley left the firm during the mid-1980s, Brian Loucks and John Gilbert were the partners until 1999. At that time, Bob Mau and Troy Lindquist became partners, and Gilbert left to start a business valuation company. Troy recalls a Florida trainer saying Gilbert was “one of the best business valuators in the country.” John Gilbert passed away in 2011. Brian Loucks has been semi-retired since 2010. Debra Corn became a partner in 2004.
After years of continued growth, the firm moved into a new building on the Missouri River in 2013.